Project Description

B.D. Jeffries approached us while in the middle of the development of their new site due to a suggestion from a past client. The company was overly dissatisfied with the work of their current developers & knew that we were their only hope to salvage their site & their budget. It simply was not an option to restart the project, but they wanted to make the best of what they had, so they sought our advice on how to move forward. Fowara then took initiative to begin serving as consultants & project managers for the rest of the site’s development. We then did what we always do & provided advanced training to the developers & guided them through the design and development process. Due to our advanced knowledge, professionalism & the value we provided their company B.D. Jeffries chose us to maintain their site upon completion & we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship between us & them which we are excited to continue in the future.