Project Description

We were approached by Tape Crafters who had a limited budget & a lot that needed to be done. The company sought us out to build their website after an unfruitful attempt on their own. The company was technologically savvy but they simply were not familiar with Magento development & the maintenance required of Magento sites. They needed more than just a site, Tape Crafters came to us for consulting & extensive training of their employees.

We went several steps beyond what they thought they needed while remaining within the allocated budget. We began researching their company & industry in order to create an aggregation of customized solutions for Tape Crafters. We started by providing a complete development plan for their developers to follow then also trained their developers in the basics of Magento design & development in order for the company to began self-sufficient which led to the company saving incredible amounts of money which would have been otherwise allocated to outside contractors.