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Magento is the most flexible open-source platform that has seen consistent growth since its inception in 2008. The circle of Magento developers continues to widen, and that in turn spurs fresh ideas on everything from add-ons and extensions to customization and advances in SEO techniques. This isn’t just good news for Magento, it’s good news for you. By taking advantage of Magento, you’re harnessing the power of one of the most innovative segments of eCommerce design and development.


New Online Store

Powered by Magento 2

Because of our extensive offerings and the Magento expertise we bring to each aspect of your online store, many of our customers choose to use our services for the full development and maintenance of their websites.


Update Existing Store

Customize Magento 2

Already have a Magento 2 site but looking to improve it? Whether you need custom Integration, Performance Optimization, Upgrade or improve Usability Fowara can help! If you’re uncertain about which services are appropriate for your site please Fill out our ecommerce consultation request form we will be happy to help any answers for any ecommerce related project at no obligation to you.

Magento 2 Maintenance

Nonstop Support

Maintenance is crucial to an ecommerce store’s success. Consistent maintenance can eliminate security threats and at the same time keep the site looking fresh and updated to your most loyal customers.

Strategic Consulting

It’s not easy to architect a complex ecommerce solution. What extensions to use, how to keep site secured, re-platforming, choosing the right ERP system these are all great questions. There is no one set answer as it varies for each business based on size, target audience, budget and much more. Provide us some data’s and we will be happy to help answers for anything ecommerce related at no obligation to you.

Strategic Consulting
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