Maintenance is crucial to a web store’s success. Consistent maintenance can eliminate security threats and at the same time keep the site looking fresh and updated to your most loyal customers. The Magento platform offers an entirely other reason to keep your eCommerce site updated: innovation. Magento is an open source platform with dedicated programmers churning out innovative extensions and add-ons on a daily basis. If you don’t maintain and update your site, all that innovation migrates to your competition, leaving you struggling to keep up.

magento maintenance plans


With the maintenance plan, we will cover all of your website’s maintenance for a monthly fee. We’ll take your website’s maintenance to the next level with extensive analysis to provide you with insight into your customers’ buying patterns. We study where people get hung up, why they exit the site and what they tend to buy the most of. We provide site tracking analysis, conversion analysis and reporting to help turn missed opportunities into dedicated customers. If you’re losing revenue, we’ll find out where it’s being lost and why it’s occurring. And then we’ll optimize, streamline, and turn increased profits for your business.

As a maintenance client, you will be guaranteed response to your enquiries within 48 hours. Contact us to set up a maintenance plan.


If you can manage the majority of your site’s maintenance and just need help with a few bugs or a smaller development tasks, our hourly support options are few. Simply purchase a few hours of time (4 hour chunks are suitable for minor bugs, 8 hour chunks are suitable for more extensive tasks) and make a request detailing your task within 30 days. We will start work on the task within a week from receipt of the task description..

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