MedSupply Partners has been providing quality laboratory equipment, consumables, scientific products and chemicals since 2003. Our managing partners bring over 25 years of industry experience to MedSupply Partners. MedSupply Partner's experience and commitment to service has enabled them to become a trusted source for a wide variety of research products.


Mercy Robes brings to market some of the finest quality Church Robes & Accessories. The company carries an extensive selection of the finest fabric in amazingly exquisite designs. Mercy Robes has a philosophy of serving their clients with superior quality products at competitive prices. The company has it all, from Clergy Robes, Vests, Shirts, Rabat’s, Clergy Collars, to Religiously Designed Cufflinks & much more.


Thrive Farmer’s Coffee is an industry changing platform which allows coffee farmers to directly access the marketplace. This is a truly empowering platform allowing them more control over their product quality &i this in-turn increases profit margins. The company has a vision to empower farmers to create better livelihoods for themselves which in-turn strengthens & empowers their own rural communities. The company has founded ThriveWorx in which they aim to mobilize farmers, local leaders, consumers, & other strategic stakeholder in order to reduce the economic, social & environmental challenges faced by farmers & the communities they inhabit.


A leader in Electronic Point of Sale Solutions which enables iPads, iPhones & iTouches to be implemented as point of sale units NCR is a company which is an innovator in the payment solutions industry & continues to strive to innovate new solutions in order to bring more solutions to small businesses globally. A primary product offering by NCR is NCR Silver which is a tablet-based point-of-sale system which was created in 2012 in order to help target the small business market.


CoffeeAM is not your usual coffee company, headquartered on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia the company strives to supply the best coffee available globally. The company searches far & wide for the best ingredients from the volcanic region of Kilimanjaro to the hazy blue peaks of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The company looks to use more than just the best ingredients, they also strive to roast & package their products using the best methods in order to ensure freshness including the implementation of heat-sealed valve bags & quick shipping to ensure freshness & quality.


Gems Oceans is a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium gemstone beads and Sterling Silver Jewelry which has been a pillar of the industry for nearly five decades. The company is known as an industry leader in fine and rare gemstones & elegantly crafted pieces of jewelry & was founded on excellence, perfection & exceptional craftsmanship which has grown to be known the world over. Dedicated to perfection in quality and technique, Gems Ocean offers finest gemstones & ornate jewelry in silver, gold & brass to retailers, collectors, designers & lovers of refined & intricate beauty.


ZENZII is a massive vendor in the direct to consumer & wholesale jewelry business. The company stands for empowering women globally & environmental sustainability through their partnership with Trees.org. ZENZII is a company based in the United States of America with manufacturing facilities located globally. The company has an extensive catalog of over 8,000 unique products & continues to be an industry leader.


For about three decades B.D. Jeffries has been pillar in the luxury lifestyle boutique industry. The company offers a wide array of high-end products for men & women such as unique furniture, one-of-a-kind antiques & interior accents for the home. They offer signature alligator & crocodile products as well as accessories for the hunting, fishing, golfing, & equestrian enthusiast who love the “Outdoorsy” lifestyle.


Structural Graphics has been an innovative leader in dimensional print marketing for over five decades & has been continually been bringing new & innovative ideas to market year after year! The company is an award-winning pioneer of the dimensional print marketing industry. The company started with a simple interest in pop-up books & paper that led to the eventual engineering of a new medium for the world of advertising. Structural Graphics has helped market many of the worlds most influential brands by constantly coming up with new & exciting ways to gain consumer’s attention through innovative marketing strategies.


Beads of Cambay is the premiere distributor of hand-selected beads & gemstones to wholesalers & retailers globally. With a massive selection of precious & semiprecious gemstone beads as well as a variety of other styles the company has an option for everyone!


Designer Rug Warehouse is an award-winning rug store & preferred source Atlanta’s most renowned interior designers, movie makers, architects, & local celebrities. They have developed long lasting relationships with various countries for more than 25 years in order to guarantee a consistently deliver their clients the best possible products & services. The company began selling to the public in early 2005 offering & continues to hold a standard not easily rivaled.


Suttle-Straus is a diverse print oriented company committed to improving the processes & effectiveness of organizations across North America. They offer numerous products & services, largely focused on multi-channel marketing incorporating several aspects of their business. The company is one of the biggest & most well-established commercial printing & marketing services providers in the U.S. Suttle-Straus was founded in 1910 & continues today to serve Fortune 500 companies & some of the nations largest employers.


A Soft Idea is a blanket & accessories retailer they carry a variety of items ranging from infant blankets to women’s jewelry. The company is a small business of four women, started by Claudia Vargish who has designed for major establishments such as Talbots, Macy’s, and Godiva.


Allied Motor Parts is a motor parts supplier out of Georgia who carries both re-manufactured & new parts with a large selection of over 2,000 items continually in-stock. The company strives for great customer service & continues to be a leader within the industry.


Bella Bag is an innovator in the industry of luxury apparel, the company sells used luxury products from such high fashion labels as Fendi & Prada. Bella Bag has a brick-&-mortar showroom on Miami Circle & continues to sell amazing products globally. Bella Bag buys & sells preowned designer products (think Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton) of which it rigorously ensures authenticity.


Tape Crafters is vendor of a variety of high quality duct tape & craft products from unusual colors to difficult to find sizes the Tape Crafters has it all. The company strives to supply consumers with a variety of products all of which are of the highest possible quality.


Global Motif is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial & residential rugs in Turkey. The company has over 60 in-house designers & 1,100 workers to manufacture a vast selection of rugs & rug types. The company focuses itself on delivery quality products & never cuts corners in order to deliver these results & pursues long-term relationships with its clients.