Project Description

Allied Motor Parts approached us a with a serious problem which could have been disastrous if left uninhibited. The main concern was a massive design flaw on their website. The company continued to make great sales through eBay while their actual website moved little to no product. The company knew that changes in policies of Ebay or a change in basic online consumer behavior could mean the end of their company if they did not get a great site up & running quickly. They company also knew the problem was not the product but rather was their under performing site.

When we began our work we knew time was of the essence, but more importantly, so was quality. We were able to completely re-brand the company’s existing site to create an attractive & sleek site with usability at the forefront of our design. We then began incorporating responsive design solutions, a customized automobile search extension which increased sales & made shopping much easier for consumers, & optimized user interaction by tracking site behavior to increase conversion rates. We then saw an opportunity to help the company save money & brought it to attention. Upon approval we merged Allied Motor Part’s corporate & sales websites which led to a massive reduction in administration costs & created a more fluent communication network for the company & improved information accessibility for consumers. Within just two weeks, the new site saw an incredible 500% growth in sales, a true testament of the importance of design & user optimization in the eCommerce industry.